3 Secrets to Help your Wedding Day Flow Smoothly

 Weddings are a happy, and exciting time for any couple. It is a time to Celebrate Love! It will be the most important day of your life. As much fun it can be to prepare for a wedding, sometimes through the hustle and bustle of all the preparations the small things will be overlooked, which can then lead to having a stressful wedding day--something every bride wants to aviod. As the bride and groom you want your day to be perfect, you want your guest to share along with your happiness, you should be able to enjoy your day with no worries whether things will flow smoothly. This is why it's important to keep these 3 secrets in mind as you prepare for your wedding day. 

    1. Hire a Wedding Coordinator

With all the little details involved in a wedding hiring a wedding coordinator to help keep the process flowing smoothly will never be something you'll regret. It will give you the opportunity to sit back and relax on your special day leaving you with only needing to take care of yourself. If hiring a wedding coordinator is out of the question for your budget finding some friend or family member, that is known to keep things on the roll, maybe the option for you.       

     2. Know the Different Serving Styles 

With every catering company there comes a different type of service that is offered. The most common ones you'll find are, plated meals, family style buffet(served or self serve), bridal party served, and cutting your wedding cake  When making the decision on what service style to go with keep in mind of where it is your reception will be and what would work the best for the amount of guest you'll have. If there is at any time a concern about possibly running short on food going with the plated meal or served family style buffet would help you avoid that possibility.    

     3. The Time Lapse

The time lapse between the ceremony and reception is best when kept at a 1 hour length. If you are looking to cut your cost this is one way of doing exactly that, as the longer people need to wait the more wine, beer and appitizers you'll need to have on hand, because people will eat and drink to stay entertained. If there is a longer time lapse and it can't be avoided find something that can be done to bring some entertainment to your guests as they wait.