Dinner Tours at Warthers Museum

David Warthers Museum consist of a display of many different ships. David Warther, the man behind it all, hand carves each ship. Starting with ships that date back in King Pharaoh's time B.C. as well as, the ships of Christopher Columbus, and many, many more. This dinner tour consist of a meal and a tour, with David Warther as your tour guide, to see all the different ships he has done. (We) at Log Cabin Catering have had the privilige to serve plated or buffet style dinner to different groups.

3 Secrets to Help your Wedding Day Flow Smoothly

 Weddings are a happy, and exciting time for any couple. It is a time to Celebrate Love! It will be the most important day of your life. As much fun it can be to prepare for a wedding, sometimes through the hustle and bustle of all the preparations the small things will be overlooked, which can then lead to having a stressful wedding day--something every bride wants to aviod.